Yellow letters (poem)

Yellow letters rise from shadows deep.Its melancholy ink knows only wide-eyed sleep.what fate may lay waitingfrom tantalizing wishes.The life I love, tornfrom desires nails and kisses.oh what horrors, desolate sorrows,awaits for me in my dreams;for I both love the pains of life, and long for endless sleep.

Love Devoured (poem)

Consumed by loveWe thirst for connectionSo that two souls be made oneThe metamorphosis;The ritual;The old body devoured--transubstantiation of bread and wine.To taste the sweetness of love on our lips.Transension. Obsession. VanityThat we may feel the longing for ourselves through that we love ourselves once again.Cannibalistic is love;digests our troubled past to be born anew

Will (poem)

Will, my bane, my immoral torturer You deny my every pleaYour judas kiss my deathDeception and lust is your device Longing, craving, achingoh mortal snare. you dance atop my grave.I feel your passion, pulsingThe wise say to deny is to live.I have denied, But longing rises, unending, repeating...To rebuke flesh--pointless.Will, my wounding friend. Are tragedy, my joy, my end.